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Effective planning depends on a consistent analysis and comparison of the physical threats and hazards a particular organization faces. 


Vulnerability Risk Assessment

Levine Security Solutions recognizes each organization as distinct from every other. We consider physical characteristics, such as properties, buildings, and interior layouts. Local and geographical variables also factor into your DNA. Business operations and personnel provide further insight into the steps your organization must take to be prepared. 


Because of this, we don’t believe in a one size fits all, “cookie cutter” approach to emergency preparedness.  And we demonstrate this from the very beginning of designing your Emergency Response Plan, with our hallmark Vulnerability Risk Assessment.


When creating your specialized Vulnerability Risk Assessment, our senior members visit your organization to identify safety hazards and security concerns through the following measures:

  • Daytime visits during traditional hours of operation.

  • Nighttime visits to observe businesses after-hours or during 2nd and 3rd shift operations.

  • Drone Over-Watch Aerial Surveillance by commercial-licensed pilots to identify potential risks only accessible with a bird’s eye view.

  • Employee and stakeholder interviews to gather information on security systems.

  • Evaluate current plans and literature such as: workplace violence policies, employee handbook, and existing emergency response plans.

  • Evaluate current security systems such as: physical security systems, electronic security systems, and cameras.


The Vulnerability Risk Assessment provides a critical foundation for developing  custom-tailored Emergency Response Plan for resilient organization. Typically these assessments incorporate any known hazards within the surrounding community, local crime data, and any institutionally specific security, or safety concerns. Information is obtained from open source data, State and local public safety organizations, the county emergency management office, public utilities, as well as community and other business groups that can provide helpful information.

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