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Frequently Asked Questions​

How can I make my facility or organization safe?

Developing an Emergency Response Plan is the first step in addressing an organization’s security or safety concerns. Identifying and evaluating the potential threats caused by natural disasters or manmade incidents gives the organization a solid base from which to build an emergency plan.


What is an emergency response plan?

An emergency response plan is a customized document designed to prepare an organization for emergency events. Plans are developed by identifying potential threats or hazards and evaluating the organizations current ability to mitigate the negative effects of those events. Emergency response plans identify evacuation routes, rally points, individual roles and responsibilities during an event, recovery initiatives, and a number of other important emergency planning considerations. 


Why do I need an emergency response plan?

All public schools are required to have an emergency operation plan on file with their state attorney general’s office. Other organizations such as private schools, houses of worships, businesses, and others are encouraged by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the department of Homeland Security to have an emergency operation plan. Having a plan may reduce personnel injury or death, property damage, and civil liability.

Can I make my own emergency response plan?

Yes, there are a number of emergency response plan templates available online, many of which offer step by step instructions on how to complete the plan. Users will find these “fill in the blank” templates easy to use but superficial, lacking an in-depth analysis of the unique conditions associated with the organization. 

Should I hire a security consultant?

Security consultants are industry experts, as such they come with a unique perspective often not found within the organization. While it is possible to develop an emergency plan on one’s own, they are time consuming and usually end up with a myopic view of the organization. Security consultants offer a depth and breadth of knowledge that translates into a customized plan based on industry best practices.

How much will an emergency response plan cost?

Emergency response plans and other similar services vary in cost. You can always request a quote or schedule an initial, no cost consultation.

I have an emergency response plan, now what?


Emergency plans are “living” documents that should be reviewed annually. Updates should be documented and disseminated to members of the organization. Members should be trained on the plan and a practical exercise should be conducted annually. Having a current plan and ensuring that members know how to execute the plan is what will mitigate the adverse effects of emergency situations.



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