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Team Meeting

Tabletop Exercises

These exercises and demonstrations will help your organization be better prepared to handle any type of emergency.

Tabletop Exercises


Businesses, communities, faith-based organizations, and schools often have signature events each year that differ from traditional forms of operation. Concerts, conferences, conventions, galas, programs, and workshops are examples of the featured occasions we plan for year-round to make safe and successful. But because these events involve change to the processes and procedures within your organization, so too should your emergency planning.


Tabletop exercises are an effective way to remove yourself from the intimate details of event planning and adopt a holistic view to ensure employees, personnel, and guests are safe on your grounds and within your building.


Levine Security Solutions offers boardroom-style tabletop exercises to evaluate existing security measures and identify any weaknesses in safety and security with key stakeholders of groups and businesses. We examine immediate, secondary, and tertiary threats to people and property.


These exercises typically occur in three distinct phases:


Phase 1: Meet with the Organization


Levine Security Solutions meets with an organization’s personnel to make sure they understand roles and responsibilities within an Emergency Response Plan.


LSS and an organization then walk through a mock emergency scenario, gaining familiarity with the tabletop exercise process in preparation to meet with local first responders.


Phase 2: Meet with Local First Responders


Levine Security Solutions invites local first responders to join the organization at the table as we work through response plans together and build rapport between groups.


Phase 3: Simulated Emergency Exercise


First responders simulate an emergency response based on a realistic scenario discussed in Phase 2.


And internal events aren’t the only happenings that affect business operations. Parades, protests, and critical incidents surrounding your property can alter standard procedure and may present safety concerns. Using tabletop exercises to plan for circumstances outside the immediate control of your organization helps further develop business continuity.

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