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Awareness Training

The web has become a dangerous place for all types of organizations. Whether it is a threat or cyber attack, Levine Security Solutions can help identify and prevent these types of attacks.

Both businesses and individuals alike can benefit from cybersecurity awareness training to protect the group or themselves from digital landmines. But aimlessly taking technical courses can be a great waste of time and resources. Identifying focus areas specifically applying to an organization’s needs or your own is the proper first action before moving forward.


For example, a bank withholding proprietary information on businesses and customers would have different areas of heightened importance in cybersecurity than a local church. And a family-owned sandwich shop will want to ensure their frameworks are protected for digital payment systems accompanying food delivery services, but this would not apply to a multinational manufacturing company producing paint.


Just as Levine Security Solutions believes there is not a “cookie cutter”, one-size-fits-all approach to Emergency Response Plans, this too is our mantra for cyber-related security measures. Being intentional in identifying what makes your organization unique allows us to unveil threats specific to you.


Consult with our cybersecurity experts to help identify custom-tailored training solutions. Factors that can impact the design of training solutions include:

  • Industry type

  • Organization size

  • Services provided

  • Physical security systems

  • Digital security frameworks

  • Company policies and procedures

  • Proprietary information


Training solutions may consist of in-person teaching, remote training curriculums, or a hybrid thereof. Our in-person and remote training curriculums can be customized to allow for e-learning metrics and feedback on browsers and smart devices. This technique enables organizations to monitor progress of employee training and leverage data to make informed decisions about where additional training resources are needed.

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