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School Bus

Learn how to protect your passengers from dangerous situations and be able to respond in the event of an emergency

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School Transportation Active-Threat Response Training















"I hope every district will hear about this training and get the opportunity to take part in it. I feel that it was extremely educational and it was entertaining"

"In my 35 years I have never attended such a great program"

“I observed the training and it was extremely relevant and practical. The drivers were extremely appreciative of the quality training offered and are better prepared to handle crisis situations.”

Above are only a few of the many wonderful comments we have received on our training evaluation sheets following the school bus safety and security training program. 

The School Transportation Active Threat Response Training program (START) is a 12-hour training program designed to “target harden” school buses by training bus drivers and their aids. The START program is specifically designed to empower drivers to make sound decisions during various emergency events to include medical emergencies, physical altercations, and active shooter incidents. START instructors are safety and security experts including local law enforcement, SWAT officers, CIT officers, emergency medical personnel, former military, behavioral analysis experts, and mental health officials. The START program helps bring positive attention to the department of transportation, which traditionally is an under-appreciated part of the school system, and therefore making the entire district a safer place for all the children and bus drivers.

Key areas of focus:

  • Active Shooter Situations

  • Weapons on the Bus

  • Juvenile Behavioral Intelligence

  • Crisis De-Escalation

  • Physical Altercations

  • Good Safety Habits

  • Trauma First Aid

  • CPR Certification

We leverage our experience as active duty law enforcement and SWAT members to provide the most current and "best practice" response options to school bus drivers. A majority of the focus has been directed towards security at the school buildings and providing training for teachers to deal with active shooter situations, which we believe is a great thing. However, as a society we can not forget about the bus drivers. Bus drivers play a critical role in getting our precious children to and from school. They also may be the first ones to observe a student's change in behavior or recognize a threat before it reaches the school. Let's face it, buses are extremely vulnerable and can be considered easy, "soft targets". The only way to "target harden" a bus is to equip the driver with the knowledge and tools which will prepare them for the worse case scenarios. Our goal is to empower the drivers through knowledge and confidence. After completion of the course drivers will have experienced an active shooter on their bus and know how to properly react to the situation.

"Failure to prepare, is preparing to fail", Benjamin Franklin


If you are interested in the START program, please call our office at 216-245-3526 or send us an email at  

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  • Mitigate Risk

  • Elevate Student Safety

  • Improve Driver Retention

  • Easy and Quick to Implement

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