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Enterprise Risk Assessment

The Enterprise Risk Assessment looks at risk management strategically from the perspective of the entire organization to identify, assess, and prepare for potential losses, dangers, hazards, and other potentials for harm.

Enterprise Risk Assessment & Security Framework

In today’s modern and changing world, companies, organizations, and wealthy family offices are now required to practice a wide range of security disciplines to be resilient amidst contemporary threats. It’s imperative these groups protect their privacy, secure proprietary information and intellectual property, keep their market share, operate within legal compliances, and above all, ensure the safety of their family, staff, clients, and assets.


Our Enterprise Risk Assessment process utilizes a holistic approach, assessing all areas within the organization or family office where security has an impact. This ranges from documentation practices, Human Resources processes, data or intellectual property flow, physical security, cyber security, training and on-boarding, as well as business continuity planning. Enterprise security architecture allows management and key stakeholders to not see the company from several other vantage points, but further understand how change in one area impacts the entire organization. This allows for the organization to safely and securely move forward and grow.


The Assessment evaluates an organization based on a security framework, serving as the guide for when and how to implement solutions. Security frameworks are designed to be agreeable with organizational culture, while meeting the needs of the family or business. We help reduce the number of reactionary situations that catch an organization off-guard, allowing for a proactive business approach to the entire enterprise.


Security frameworks are built using logical, administrative, and physical protection mechanisms combining business processes and the appropriate personnel. These frameworks intentionally allow flexibility for the business to utilize different combinations of technology, procedures, and processes to address vulnerabilities.


Most importantly, security programs developed by the Enterprise Risk Assessment balance security and productivity. Any and all security processes will move along pathways that lead to achieving the financial goals and mission families and organizations set.


The Enterprise Risk Assessment is a refined complement to an Emergency Response Plan. While the Emergency Response Plan allows an organization to prepare for, respond to, and immediately recover from manmade and natural disasters, the Enterprise Risk Assessment allows for safe and secure navigation during traditional operations. In combination, an Emergency Response Plan and the Enterprise Risk Assessment paves way to simultaneously grow, avoid hazards, and fend off threats.

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