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Cyber Footprint Analysis

Levine Security Solutions works with a group of trained professionals to help identify and prevent all types of cyber attacks. 

Social media networks have become a primary means of connectivity and communication for people throughout the world. These platforms allow us to share information, express thoughts and feelings, and discuss current topics. Businesses and organizations have embraced social media for marketing campaigns and use them as central community boards to post important messages to their intended audiences.


Social media sites operate within the surface web. The surface web is what internet users typically access on a day-to-day basis and its content is accessible on the World Wide Web using standard search engines (Think Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc.). 


Beyond the surface web lies the deep web and dark web. The deep web is the portion of the web you cannot access through traditional search engines (Think cloud-based services, and sites containing proprietary data). The dark web is a small subset of the deep web, which typically requires a combination of encryption, passwords, and/or software to access. The dark web allows its host and users to remain anonymous, which is why it serves as a primary network for a variety of criminal activities and enterprises.


Threats can be found in all three of these areas of the World Wide Web, which is why we offer our Cyber Footprint Analysis service.


We utilize open-source intelligence (OSINT) methods and leverage commercial and custom proprietary tools to monitor and conduct reconnaissance for social media accounts, deep and dark web sites, and other sources in the public domain.


Our cybersecurity team can identify threats and concerning content focused at families, organizations, and high-profile individuals. This service also provides pre-screening services for candidates to identify concerning public social media posts, as well as other concerning content on online platforms that don’t match a  company’s values. This includes uses for due diligence and competitive business intelligence.


Information revealed from Cyber Footprint Analyses will help guide decision-making processes and procedures. In the event concerning information is found, practices and frameworks can be modified before threatening content or activity can damage your reputation and standing.

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