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Is your organization actively monitoring and protecting against digital threats?


Cyber Security Solutions

Current-day practices and operations of organizations, businesses, and families are largely supported by digital technologies and frameworks.


Our lives are shaped by digital devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, to connect people near and far to us. These devices enable us to get directions to a trendy new restaurant, look up answers to questions we don’t know, and efficiently share information with friends and colleagues. When we want to capture a moment, these smart devices allow us to take photos and video recordings of the world around us. Device-based and cloud-based storage systems are keepers of many of the memories we hold dear. We also use this same type of storage to withhold sensitive and personal information.


Digital devices, technologies, and frameworks have become a cornerstone of our personal and professional lives. People are being introduced to these devices, technologies, and frameworks earlier than ever before. A survey conducted by the EdWeek Research Center in 2021 showed over 80% of school districts provide 1-to-1 computing for their students, meaning there is a personal computer available and assigned to each student. The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped thought in each organization for ways to remain resilient through operational challenges.


Because technology has become interwoven into virtually every aspect of business, culture, and society, a physical lock and key approach is no longer sufficient to protect us. Wi-Fi and wired internet connections offer opportunities for bad-faith actors to disrupt our lives and cause us harm. Unsecure digital frameworks and poor practices can lead to similar vulnerabilities.


The bottom line: cybersecurity is as important to our safety and well-being as any physical measure taken.


At Levine Security Solutions, our team of industry professionals and experts provide services and trainings to better prepare your organization for digital threats and how to respond to them. Our team is able to review internal and external procedures and ways of operation to correct bad practices and offer recommendations for safer pathways.


Cybersecurity is part and parcel of everything we do at Levine Security Solutions, and is critical to our mission of making your organization a safer place.

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