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Concierge and Security Services

Levine Security Solutions can help you design a complete security solution and place security officers at your organization.

Concierge and Security Services


Levine Security Solutions believes in providing world-class service to their customers. That’s why we have partnered with Robert Anthony Sean Security Services as our preferred provider of security officer services. Robert Anthony Sean implements security strategies sourced from the United States Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies to protect, secure, and improve the quality of life for their clients.


Unique to Robert Anthony Sean Security is the concierge style, customer-oriented security services provided by their Crime Prevention Officers (CPOs)


Robert Anthony Sean is a State of Ohio Class A licensed security company that offers both armed and unarmed security officers. Robert Anthony Sean Security specializes in providing life style centers, luxury apartment buildings, exclusive hotels other premier and prestigious properties with industry leading security solutions, matched with concierge-style customer service.


Robert Anthony Sean offers the ability to customize a program, to address specific requests to support client staff, residents and patrons. Not only are their CPOs trained to respond to high-risk emergency events, they also receive extensive customer care training as part of Robert Anthony Sean’s concierge course. This allows Robert Anthony Sean Security to guarantee a premium level of customer engagement that rivals the nation’s most prestigious hospitality groups. The range of abilities and professionalism Robert Anthony Sean provides has set a new standard for the protective services industry.


Robert Anthony Sean CPOs take “high-risk” training courses covering the following topics:

  • Active Shooter/Threat Response

  • Crisis Intervention Techniques

  • Fire Safety Awareness

  • Severe Weather Preparedness and Response

  • Suspicious Person and Package

  • Trauma First Aid, CPR/AED


Levine Security Solutions believes Robert Anthony Sean is the correct company to partner with for security officer services because of the unmatched level and range of services they provide. While building value with their partners through concierge and protection services, they too, will make your organization a safer place.

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