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Trauma First Aid

Learn how to respond to serious injuries and medical situations so that your people are prepared to help save someone's life.

Almost everyday we read, hear about or see on the news an event that involves injury or severe trauma. What if you are on the scene during an active threat incident or accidental traumatic injury? You are the first responder. 


Levine Security Solutions instructors will teach you the skills, help you develop your confidence to render effective life saving aid. 


When members of the public provide immediate assistance to victims it significantly increases the chances that the victim will survive. You can save a life: Being prepared for bleeding emergencies is critical. A person can “bleed out” in less than five minutes. Using direct pressure to stop bleeding; using a tourniquet; can significantly change the outcome of a bleeding emergency.




Get CPR certified by instructors from Levine Security Solutions and gain life saving skills that can help you respond to cardiac emergencies. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitations (CPR), is a critical part of the American Heart Association's “Chain of Survival”. Newer guidelines have simplified resuscitation and emphasized the importance of CPR deep compressions with minimal interruptions; in fact, CPR should resume immediately after the shock given by the AED, without the delay entailed in checking for pulse or rhythm conversion.


For every minute without CPR, the chance of death increases by 10 percent. Survival from cardiac arrest doubles when a bystander applies an AED before emergency responders arrive, according to 2018 research published in AHA's flagship journal, Circulation. Let Levine Security Solutions help train you to help others.

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