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Transportation Safety and Security Program

The Transportation Safety and Security Program can apply to any organization with busing, chauffeur drivers, limousine drivers, executive protection drivers, or anyone who has the responsibility for transporting others.  

Have you ever ask yourself what would happen if there was an active shooter on a school bus? Most would say there is nothing the driver could do to mitigate damage, but frankly that is not true. This class will teach bus drivers de-stabilization and intervention techniques to increase everyone on board a better chance for survival.


The increase of security and response training at school buildings has been excellent over the past few years, but there has been very little response training for bus drivers. Buses are easy, "soft targets" where mass injuries can be inflicted. Bus drivers must be prepared to take immediate action, and the worst thing they can do is nothing. Let us not forget about our bus drivers, but rather keep them well prepared.

The Transportation Safety and Security Training Program is typically a two part class. The first part involves the awareness phase which will highlight the potential threats bus drivers may be faced with. Some of these threats may include the discovery of a suspicious package on board, a suspicious person waiting near a bus stop, or someone on board actively shooting passengers. Phase two involves practical exercises using buses in an open parking lot, where drivers are presented with different situations, and are taught how to best deal with them. The program is hands on and may be intense for some, but we can no longer allow bus drivers to be unprepared for the worst case scenarios.     


Image: Indian State Police 

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