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Our services are broken up into three main areas; Threat Assessments, Emergency Operation Plans, and Training Programs. Please explore this page to learn more about our services or give us a call at 440-759-1964.

Vulnerablity/Threat Assessment


Our team will conduct a thorough threat assessment for our clients. This will include close examination of onsite personnel including the staff during normal operations, the facility and surrounding areas, current security capabilities, and any emergency plans already in place. We will identify strong points and weak points, and most importantly make recommendations to the client. Learn More.... 

Writing Emergency Operations Plans (EOP)


We develop detailed, site specific emergency operations plans for organizations. Having a professionally developed plan will mitigate injuries or loss of life, and civil liability should any emergency event arise. Learn More...


Training Programs and Exercises


We conduct various training programs for organizations looking to have a well rounded and prepared staff. Our Team members are prior and current instructors at police academies and colleges. We also conduct/facilitate planned exercises. Learn More...

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