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Planned Exercise


There are different types of exercises that can be used to evaluate program plans, procedures and capabilities, and to train staff:


-Walkthroughs, workshops or orientation seminars

-Tabletop exercises

-Functional / Drill exercises

-Full-scale Scenario Based exercises


Walkthroughs, workshops and orientation seminars are basic training for staff members. They are designed to familiarize them with emergency response, crisis communications and their roles and responsibilities as defined in the plans.


Tabletop exercises are discussion-based sessions where Levine Security Solutions members and the organizations administrators (safety team) meet in an informal, classroom setting to discuss their roles during an emergency and their responses to a particular emergency situation. Levine Security Solutions guides participants through a discussion of one or more scenarios. The duration of a tabletop exercise depends on the audience, the topic being exercised and the exercise objectives. Many tabletop exercises can be conducted in a few hours, so they are cost-effective tools to validate plans and capabilities.


Functional exercises allow personnel to validate plans and readiness by performing their duties in a simulated operational environment. Activities for a functional exercise are scenario-driven, such as the failure of a critical business function or a specific hazard scenario. Functional exercises are designed to exercise specific team members, procedures and resources (e.g. communications, warning, notifications and equipment set-up).


A full-scale exercise is as close to the real thing as possible. It is a lengthy exercise which takes place on location using, as much as possible, the equipment and personnel that would be called upon in a real event. Full-scale exercises are conducted by Levine Security Solutions in coordination with other public service agencies.


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