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Bomb Threat




A bomb threat is generally defined as a threat, usually verbal or written, to detonate an explosive or incendiary device to cause property damage, death, or injuries, whether or not such a device actually exists




  • Bomb threats usually occur by telephone

  • The person receiving a bomb threat call should remain calm and attempt to obtain as much information as possible from the caller by using the checklist given below.

  • Call 911 and give your name, location, and telephone number. Inform them of the situation including any information you may have as to the location of the bomb, time it is set to explode, and the time when you received the call.

  • Inform your supervisor and/or department head.

  • If you should spot a suspicious object, package, etc., report it to the authorities, but under no circumstances should you touch it, tamper with it, or move it in any way.

  • If instructed to evacuate, move a safe distance away from the building (a minimum of 150 feet). If inclement weather conditions exist, you may move to another building a safe distance away. Do not reenter the building until instructed that is safe to do so by Public Safety or the proper authorities.

  • The Public Safety dispatcher will initiate the proper notification procedure for contacting appropriate personnel when a bomb threat occurs.

  • A Public Safety officer will respond with the appropriate authorities to evaluate the situation.




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