Levine Security Solutions was established in 2011 in Northeastern Ohio as a security consulting organization whose primary focus is in providing emergency operations plans for various organizations. All senior members of Levine Security Solutions have diverse backgrounds in both law enforcement and security. Senior members of the organization have over 75 years of combined law enforcement and security experience which include prior roles as SWAT members, detectives, crime scene investigators, course instructors and law enforcement and security administrators.

Our experiences have allowed us to recognize the vulnerabilities inherent to houses of worship, commercial and business institutions, private schools, and other “soft targets”.  We leverage our experiences to provide our clients with a customized Emergency Operation Plan specifically designed to address potential emergency events or crises of today. Such events may include active shooter or hostage situations, bomb threats, fire emergencies, medical emergencies, severe weather, or any other natural or man-made emergency event.  Levine Security Solutions can also provide emergency preparedness training for staff members and administrators, conduct site vulnerability assessments, facilitate tabletop exercises, and coordinate full scale scenario based functional emergency drills.

At Levine Security Solutions, our goal is to make your organization a safer place.


James R. Levine


Jim started his law enforcement career with the Arlington County, Virginia Police Department. During his tenure he served as a SWAT instructor and Field Training Officer. Jim co-founded, and served as Executive VP of a prominent global security organization headquartered just outside Washington D.C. Jim focused on designing customized security solutions for both private and government organizations, managing the on-site implementation of high-level security personal and global facility protection. Jim holds a Bachelor’s degree from Kent State University in Law Enforcement Administration and a Masters from George Washington University in Criminal Justice Studies and Applied Forensic Science. Jim is a certified trainer in active shooter response techniques and in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security and the National Center for Bio-medical Research and Training, Academy of Counter-Terrorist Education, teaches facility site protection. Jim currently serves as a police officer in northeast Ohio and is active with a regional SWAT team. Jim is involved with various faith-based and community organizations both in a leadership role and as a recognized security expert. 




James R. Levine

"This is the  best Emergency Operation Plan I've seen, and I have seen many. It should be a model plan for every facility"


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