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Emergency preparedness is something too many people think about after an emergency has already happened. If this describes you, don’t worry. The day-to-day necessities of maintaining and growing your successful organization are critical to manage. This may leave you with limited time to plan for unforeseen threats.


Unfortunately, manmade and natural disasters occur far more often than we like. And these events can upend even the most stable and well-built places of business, education, industry, and worship.

At Levine Security Solutions, we’re here with a safer point of view to ensure your organization is able to prepare for, respond to, and immediately recover from a crisis caused by people and the world around us.

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Levine Security Solutions develops Emergency Response Plans so your organization can be prepared for any dangerous situation or natural disaster.

Keep protecting your people with a wide range of trainings and services designed to meet your specific locations, assets, people, and needs.

It’s important to know that not every emergency is the same. Crises do not need to be full-blown disasters to require planned responses. Think of something as simple as a workplace conflict between coworkers. Many of these conflicts solve themselves, but those that don’t can drastically decrease employee morale and trust in the organization. 

Does your staff know the proper crisis de-escalation techniques to neutralize conflicts before they become a harmful incident? As dynamic incidents unfold, does management know how to adapt accordingly and mitigate the problems that accompany them?

We’ve noticed that many organizations only get as far as mapping out the exits and glossing over plans during orientation. Entrances to your building are designed to welcome employees and visitors, but can also be pathways for hazards. Threats can advance without compassion towards you and your employees. Unfortunately, these hazards do not consider and appreciate the organizational values and the mission you’re aiming to achieve. 


Today’s workforces need to be ready for threats that are wide-ranging in variety and severity. Your stakeholders, employees, and volunteers need training in diverse areas to ensure safety and protect against personal injury, property damage, civil liability, and federal regulatory sanctions.


Examples of the training needed are:


As you can see, it doesn’t matter what causes threats. The only thing that matters is your response:


  • Is it all encompassing? 

  • Can your organization at all levels carry it out? 

  • Does it provide confidence and peace of mind?

Start better protecting your organization today:


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