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Transportation Safety Training

Learn how to protect your passengers from dangerous situations and be able to respond in the event of an emergency

Transportation Driver Safety and Security Training 


According to the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), who represent many of our nation’s school bus drivers, 55% of K-12 students ride the bus to and from school each day. From the moment our kids step onto their yellow bus, we entrust the drivers to care for them and deliver them safely to school and back home again. Bus drivers are true stalwarts of the people they serve. They allow groups of people to experience things in community - field trips, sporting events, extra-curricular activities, class trips, and destination travel. It’s imperative drivers are equipped with the best practices and trainings in the event of danger during the noble service they provide.


Common workplace dangers that happen inside of a building or on campus grounds can also occur within a bus. Active shooters, suspicious persons and packages, in-transit violence are some of these dangers to name. When Jim Levine served as the school resource officer for Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools, he recognized this. And in speaking with bus drivers within the local Cleveland, Ohio area he realized how vastly unprepared they were to handle dynamic emergencies.


So, in 2015, Levine and John Zippay, also a law enforcement officer, developed the Transportation Driver Safety and Security Training program. Levine Security Solutions provided this training to Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools bus drivers in August of that very year to bridge the preparedness gap.


Traditionally a two-day course, bus drivers develop knowledge through classroom instruction and build skills through scenario-based exercises. Levine Security Solutions uses a team of active-duty law enforcement officers, SWAT officers, bomb and explosive device technicians, firefighters, and mental health professionals to prepare drivers for a variety of natural and manmade hazards. Our training reflects industry-leading standards and practices held by the Indiana State Police and Michigan State Police.


This training is not limited to school bus drivers alone. Faith-based organizations, community groups, and businesses who use buses, coaches, limousines, and shuttles to carry large groups of people are encouraged to take advantage of this training.


Drivers who complete this course receive certification in the Levine Security Solutions Transportation Driver Safety and Security Training program.